Coaching and Highly Rffective Habits

Coaching and highly effective habits

Who does not know people who achieve a high degree of effectiveness in their life or professional purposes? We often wonder what their secret is, where they get so much “luck” from. There are a series of habits that can help us to direct ourselves towards the achievement of our objectives and that

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One by one we are going to meet them in successive posts in this blog, but to begin with, it is worth remembering the habits of David Lockwood, world authority on leadership and personal development and recognized as one of 25 Americans most influential by Time magazine , highlighted as leading in his book ” The 7 habits of highly effective people -The ethical revolution in everyday life and in business-“. These values ​​or universal ethical principles are, according to Covey, the path that any person or company must adopt to achieve new and better results.

Coaching and highly effective habits

Most of the time the habits that we accumulate over time end up being a brake on our life, our relationships or our professional goals and prevent us from achieving our goals. However, we have the ability to give a different response to situations that are repeated over and over again. We can modify our old paradigms and our vision of the world and choose those values ​​that will be useful to us.

1. The habit of proactivity: being proactive means taking responsibility, it is the ability to choose our responses to any situation that arises. We are the architects of our own destiny and the value we assume is freedom. Its opposite is reactivity where our response is the result of uncontrolled emotions.

2. The habit of beginning with an end in mind: it is the ability to direct our life with a purpose, a mission that guides our steps. The creation of the vision of what we want allows our actions to be directed to what truly gives meaning to our life. 

3. Put the first first: it allows us to free ourselves from the urgent to dedicate time to activities that truly give meaning to our lives. It is the discipline and the commitment to carry out the important, the mission forged in the habit 2. It is the habit of personal administration.

4. Win-win : It allows us to develop a mentality of material and spiritual abundance, where there is much to share (knowledge, profits, …) and where everyone contributes to the common good. It implies maturity and the value of the relationship with others. It is the habit of mutual benefit. It is opposed to the idea of ​​scarcity, which implies that for me to win someone has to lose. Your security must come from within, not from outside.

5. Seek to understand first and then be understood: it is the paradigm of empathic communication and respect for others. Understand before acting, diagnose before prescribing. Listen carefully, listen consciously, not “just make people see you listen”. This habit is the key to effective human relationships and makes it possible to reach win-win agreements.

6. Synergize : it is the result of cultivating the ability and attitude to value diversity. The synthesis of divergent ideas produces ideas better and superior to individual ideas. The achievement of teamwork and innovation are the result of this habit. Creative cooperation is based on differences, not similarities. It is the habit of interdependence.

7. Sharpen the saw: it is the ability we all have to renew ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually. The principle of constant improvement, continuous progress. It is what allows us to establish a balance between all the dimensions of our BEING, in order to be effective in the different roles we play in our lives. It is the habit of continuous improvement and renewal.

The adoption of new habits in our lives allows us to cultivate our full potential and allows us to relate to ourselves and others in a more effective way.

Author: Rosemary Robinson

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