Happy International Women’s Day 2019

Several themes have been incorporated into the chronology of Women’s Day 2019. Some of the best-known themes that were incorporated by the United Nations that day are mentioned below: 1996: cherishing the past and preparing for the future to come 1997: women who made their voices heard and opposed to win their victory in 1998: appropriate deployment of women’s rights and to ensure that nothing remains in part 1999: this year one of the most important themes was prescribed by the UN, namely a non-violent nation against women. There should be no violence against women. 2000: This year, women from around the world came together and joined forces to promote peace around them. 2001: good dispersion of conflicts against women. 2002: Equal opportunities should be given and open to all women in the world.

International Womens Day 2019

2003: goal of equal development for both sexes; this theme also marks the equal rights of men and women 2004: this year was the theme of women and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) 2005: it is also a remarkable theme that has strengthened the rights of men and women. women to build a better future for women around the world 2006: this theme emphasized that all women should have equal opportunities in decision making and that no one has the right to criticize them. 2007: stricter laws against violence against women and girls. 2008: This year also shaped a better economy. he said that investment firms and venture capital companies must also invest in women-led start-ups 2009: this year, men and women joined forces to end violence against women. women for good 2010: this year promoted equal rights and equal opportunities for all women around the world in 2011: this year has also highlighted one of the most equal rights in education for all women around the world.

Happy Womens Day Wishes For Mother

2012: This year marks the end of hunger and poverty among rural women around the world. 2013: the government promises to better take care of violence against women. 2014: This theme indicated equal progress for all women, based on talent, not gender. 2015 The year highlighted for the empowerment of women around the world 2016: this year marked the full realization of the rights of women and men by the next decade 2017: empowering women to change the world as they do see; in other words, this year we have decided to support women with creative ideas from around the world. In conclusion, we can see that this very special day, International Women’s Day 2019, is celebrated on March 8 each year around the world. is an important day as it promotes and supports gender equality and puts an end to violence against women around the world.

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