How to Improve Ball Handling Skills

how to improve ball handling The most important skill in the basketball is the ball handling whether you are a forward, center or a guard. When you have a good ball handling skills, you worry less about dribbling or holding the ball and concentrate better on reading the defense and shooting and passing. How to improve ball handling skills are given below.

Tip the ball with your fingertips back and forth from one hand to the other one. Firstly do this as your hands straight over your head then move the ball down slowly while keep tipping the ball back and forth. Keep going down all the way down to ankles then go back up again. Do not forget to keep your elbows straight at all times.
CirclesHold the ball with your fingertips and make circles around your legs. Do the same thing around your head then slowly all the way down to your ankles. Then go up the same way.
Figure Eight and Around LegsPut one of your legs forward and make a circle with ball around that leg. Then do the same process for the other leg. To make an eight figure, open wide your legs and move ball around your legs. Be careful not to hit the ball to the ground.
Circle DribbleUsing your right hand, dribble the ball around your right foot in circles. Then do the same with left hand around left foot.

Figure 8 Dribble Remember the figure eight you have made earlier. This time bounce the ball from one hand to the other when the ball is between your legs.
If the above trainings are done everyday for about half hours, your ball handling skill will get better and you will enjoy the game much more. In this article we have informed you about how to improve ball handling skills by yourself in a few simple steps.

Author: Rosemary Robinson

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