The Video Me Pair Kodi Error

However, there’s still a way to find these flows and authorize your Kodi device to view them. To do this, use the 2nd Way of fixing the set mistake in Kodi clarified below:

1. When authorization is required, you will see the following message or one very similar

2. There are numerous links which may prompt when trying to see a stream. It is important to type in the proper connection to acquire access to your articles.

3. On any browser, then go to the link shown in the message. In this instance, the required connection is

4. Click I am not a robot

5. This may prompt reCaptcha verification. Go through steps and click Verify

6. Once completed, scroll down and click on Pair For More Info Via:

7. A message will prompt saying the Pairing was powerful

While using this way is a excellent way to observe all possible flows within God, it will come with some risk. Revealing your IP Address to anyone can be dangerous. That is the reason why with a VPN when adjusting the olpair mistake in God is very important.


If you’re unwilling to provide your VPN TROYPOINT urges using the first method described in this tutorial to address any Kodi pairing problems.

Author: Rosemary Robinson

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